Dale Tiffany 2pc Deco Elephant Figurines

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2-Piece Elephant Art Deco Glass Figurines

The flowing lines and vivid colors of our 2 Piece Elephant Sculpture will be an enchanting touch in any décor style in your home or office. This pair of pachyderms has been lovingly handcrafted in Favrile Art Glass in the Deco style. Each elephant begins with clear glass, which is accented beginning at the base of the body in deep sky blue and lush green that fade gently along the contours of their bodies and their fluid trunks. Bold brown and white striping run along the backs, continuing to the tip of their graceful trunks. One is depicted in aggressive trumpeting stance while the other is rendered in a more restful pose with his trunk pointed downward. Each features realistically rendered ears and stylized mouths. Either piece is lovely displayed on its own, but both displayed together makes a truly magnificent set.

They are approximately 2.8-Inch long, 7-Inch wide and 7.25-Inch tall.

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