Headline Blue "Quit Bitching & Vote" Tshirt

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Quit Bitchin' & Vote T-shirt

Tune In, Turn On & Vote the Bastards Out Don't get us wrong. We love complaining. We once tweeted at our local grocery store to complain that their onions were too big. (They said they'd consider our request.)

But bitching only gets you so far. That un-spellchecked Facebook rant may feel good for a sec. But all it's going to get you is an unsolicited argument with a random friend's estranged uncle, who lives to troll, and who thinks "libtard" is a clever turn of phrase.

So here's a better idea: Quit bitchin' and vote. Also, tell your friends to vote. And tell them to tell their friends. (But not their estranged uncles.)

Fit Fitted: Not Too Baggy, Not Too Tight

Fabric Content: 50/50 Cotton/Poly Blend

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